promised land

The ownership of land is a major part of southern culture, of the culture that I grew up in. Owning land means you have a place to build your own house, hunt and grow your own food, and raise your own family, It is a way of being independent but it is also deeper than that. Land ownership offers up a deeper sense of connectedness, both with the earth and familial ancestry. 

As time passes and generations move forward land gets split up, divided, lost, sold, passed from hand to hand throughout a family. Inherited land has been the source of a many of family feuds, my own included. The land depicted in the images below is my inheritance. Inherited by my mother when her grandfather passed away, and inherited by me when my mother passed away. These fields and woods were my playground as a child, where many picnics were had and forts were built and dirt clods were thrown and tears were spilt and laughter shared. Now this land is my property, sectioned off by little pink ribbons and labeled as an asset. But this land is also my way of staying connected, with the earth, my memories, and my ancestors before me. This land is mine, promised to me by the death of my mother, promised to her by the death of her father, offering itself up to my family for 5 generations.