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The hardest part of leaving

Is packing your bags,

Getting in the truck,

And backing out

Of the driveway.


But once you hear gravel flying and home is

Just a silhouette in the rearview mirror

It gets a whole lot easier.


All you’ve got to do is put a thousand miles

And a couple of years

Between you and whatever you’re running from

And then staying gone is as easy as waking up every morning,

Putting your boots on,

And going to work.



Remember when we rode around

On bicycles that could fly

And the sound of gravel under the wheels of a


Meant that we were almost home.

And we caught rabbits in five gallon buckets

And birds.

When faces rubbed with the blood of a deer

We raced around a campfire


With delight.


I slept under the clouds

We leapt across hay bales

And sprinted down the turn row, last one to

Reach the cotton is a rotten egg

First one has to smell it

Better wake up before the

Hoot owls get you.

And we fell asleep to the man in the moon

Peeking out the limbs of an old oak tree.

Remember when we would race to the cow lot

Draped with Spanish moss

Watch out for snakes