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The sky cracked open

And out of it fell this land

Those pine Trees

A couple mosquitos

And a cottonmouth snake.


And then came my kin folk

A handful of cotton seeds

A whole of of mud

And a bullfrog.


It rained for a week

Came a great big flood

Threatened to bring about the end of this brand new creation.


Then the last raindrop fell

And the sky closed in on itself

But before it was fully sealed

Somethin slipped out

And slithered to the ground, almost undetected.


From the bank the bullfrog watched

Baring witness as this new creature

Sank into the mud

Laughing the whole way down.


This was the beginning.



Remember when we rode around

On bicycles that could fly

And the sound of gravel under the wheels of a


Meant that we were almost home.

And we caught rabbits in five gallon buckets

And birds.

When faces rubbed with the blood of a deer

We raced around a campfire


With delight.


I slept under the clouds

We leapt across hay bales

And sprinted down the turn row, last one to

Reach the cotton is a rotten egg

First one has to smell it

Better wake up before the

Hoot owls get you.

And we fell asleep to the man in the moon

Peeking out the limbs of an old oak tree.

Remember when we would race to the cow lot

Draped with Spanish moss

Watch out for snakes