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He built the moon.


Climbed up a ladder,

stuck it up there real good

called it a masterpiece

and when the glue started to crumble

he prayed we’d never find out.


Even though he raised us to travel to space

Urged us to explore the universe.

Wanted us

To see

It all.


How shocked we were to find that even something

As solid

As the man in the moon

Could be less than perfect

If you looked at it close enough.


When momma died
They all came and asked
“What are ya gonna do with them?”

And you responded
“Tie 'em in a sack and throw 'em in the river”
And the looks of horror on their faces
Sparked a Parish wide baking fest
And their husbands came laden with
Cakes and pies and apologies and
All of the other stuff that people don’t need when they’ve lost someone.

They all said it,
Men can’t raise children.



Remember when we rode around

On bicycles that could fly

And the sound of gravel under the wheels of a


Meant that we were almost home.

And we caught rabbits in five gallon buckets

And birds.

When faces rubbed with the blood of a deer

We raced around a campfire


With delight.


I slept under the clouds

We leapt across hay bales

And sprinted down the turn row, last one to

Reach the cotton is a rotten egg

First one has to smell it

Better wake up before the

Hoot owls get you.

And we fell asleep to the man in the moon

Peeking out the limbs of an old oak tree.

Remember when we would race to the cow lot

Draped with Spanish moss

Watch out for snakes