discovering place

desire lines

I grew up in the country, an environment that was not structured around civilian travel or public transit, there are no sidewalks or shortcuts or pedestrian traffic. When I first started my walk I was a little unsure of what to look for, I feel like my eyes are not as adept to organizing an urban space. Midway through looking for a desire line I realized that it felt very familiar and I was thrown back to memories of walking through the woods with my Dad as he would point out different game trails and explain how they were different, which ones were old and which ones were currently in use and why they were positioned where they were. As a little kid I remember being amazed by all of the information that he could glean from a quick glance around the woods. He can even look at a group of old oak trees and tell you which one has had the most raccoons running up and down it, and which side of the tree they run up the most all based on the slightly varied color and texture of the bark.

Once I had the idea to look for game trails I was suddenly much more sure of what I was looking at, disturbances in the gravel, impressions in the dirt, very subtle moments hinting at some kind of migration.