discovering place

mapping the senses : walk 3 - sight

I can't imagine what it would be like to go blind. I can't imagine waking up, day after day, with a little bit less vision than you had the day before, knowing that one day you would wake up and only be able to see a few pin pricks of light, and eventually nothing at all. For my last walk I wanted to focus on sight, or lack thereof. Tucson is a dark city and so on many of the streets if you're walking at night you can't really anything.

Whenever I see my Granny she always makes a point of telling me "You know I caint see too good these days." but we all know that she really can't see at all. On her good days enough light trickles in and she can tell that the sun is shining and its daylight out but most days you've got to put her chair directly in the sun and point her face up at it before she can be convinced that it's not dark out. I want to explore this difficulty of seeing in my artwork. For tonights walk the closest I could get to replicating blindness was to use my flashlight during my walk, and only allow my eyes to focus on the beam of light that shifted in size continuously.